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Boost Your Trade Show Success

You’ve invested thousands of dollars into your trade show booth and presence. I can bring people into your booth so you can do what you do best, sell your products! 


I’m your secret weapon!

Hello there, my name is Kris Sheppard and I’m your secret weapon! I’m skilled at entertaining people with close up magic, and my customized presentation can attract crowds to your booth, educate them, and direct them into your booth to your sales/marketing team. 

What I offer

With my fully customizable presentations, I can increase the effectiveness of your trade show efforts by…


My presentations are a wonderful attention-getter and a great way to get people to stop at your booth. Using my presentation, I’ll grab the attention of those who would normally walk past your booth and not realizing how your product or services could benefit them.


Before the show I work with you, learning as much as I can about your company, services, and products, so I can customize my presentation to include your corporate message or sales points.

My strategically-scripted presentations help qualify your visitors, as they hear about your company and products and get them excited about what you have to offer. 


When I finish my presentation, I then direct excited, qualified leads into your booth for you to talk to, answer questions, and scan badges. This sets you up to continue the conversations that are highly likely to lead to more sales and add to the bottom line of your company.

Why Should You Hire Me?

So, what makes me different from other trade show Infotainers? I come from a background of marketing and commercial design. I understand how marketers and sales people think, can speak their language, and effectively target my presentations to hit their objectives.

I also have a “super power.” I have an uncanny ability to connect with people on a personal level, essentially allowing me to make friends right there on the trade show floor. When they become my friend, by extension they become friends with your company, and who do people do business with? That’s right…their friends.

Finally, it might come as a surprise, but many sales people don’t like attending trade shows because they see it as a waste of time and money. Maybe they’re right. After all, they’d rather be out in the field following leads, making sales, and tending to their clients. With my unique services, you can have steady crowds of excited, qualified leads being directed to your sales team to talk to. Then for the booth guests you can’t immediately get to, you scan their badges so you can follow up with them after the show. 

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Adding me to your trade show strategy almost seems like a “no brainer.” After all, I’ll make your job easy, your team look great, and your booth a success!

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